Don't You Just Love It

Don't you just love it when the haters of feminism write stories and comments, and even ask you questions, or reply to your comments on their story in a way that necessitates a response, but then they block you so you can't?  That knightrunner guy just did that to me.  He asked me if I watched the video about matriarchy in one of his stories, and when I went to post a reply explaining that I had listened (it was a radio broadcast and not a video) to as much of it as I could stand because what was said was so nonsensical, I found out he had blocked me so I could not respond to his question or story.  I was going to point out that while the radio broadcast made ridiculous assertions about women, men, matriarchy, and patriarchy, what was more important was that it failed to establish that feminists want matriarchy, and not equality as I suggested.  I was going to point him to this article in the Ms Magazine blog (yes "Ms. Magazine" = Gloria Steinem = feminism) which also points out that feminists do not want matriarchy as so many anti-feminists falsely continue to suggest.   

I was also going to respond to his patriarchal relationship story by pointing out that if his wife is happy in that relationship, and it is what she wants, that is great, but he should not continue to believe that he is the only one who has to deal with the consequences of the decisions he makes for his family, since obviously he is deciding things that will affect his family, and not just him.  I also wanted to point out that just because he does not control his wife's actions, he shouldn't assume that all men in patriarchal HOH relationships don't do the same, because as we all know, many of them do.  

I also wanted to point out that while his wife likes being in a patriarchal relationship, and does not want to work, and wants to be a housewife and mom, that is not the case for all women, and feminism has given women the ability to choose what kind of life they want.  He suggested that is wife is happy because she doesn't have to deal with the stresses and burdens that feminism has placed on women by opening up the job market to them.  I was also going to point out that feminism has not placed any burdens or stresses on women, and being a housewife and mother has its stresses, burdens, and responsibilities, just as being a working woman does.  But thanks to feminism women now have the ability to choose which stresses, burdens and responsibilities they wish to take on, instead of only being faced with the stresses, burdens and responsibilities of being a housewife and mother, without the choice to do anything else.  Just as his wife does not want the stresses, burdens and responsibilities of being a working woman, some women do not want the stresses, burdens and responsibilities of being a housewife and mother.  Thanks to feminism they can now choose which they want.  Women can now choose which life they wish to live instead of having it dictated to them by a patriarchal society.

Its obvious to me that some of these haters of feminism block some of us because they are afraid that we will shoot their viewpoints down in ways that make perfect sense, and they just can't deal with anyone logically pointing out why they are wrong.
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I could live off your post for daaaaaays. This group gets hounded incredibly harshly by trolls who use the classic bait n switch project as if it makes US look stupid for trying engage and hopefully correct them. I have been a victim of a ton of hate from many trolls here such as armygirl2012, captaingargoyle, and deadheretic. They need to know that being childish on the internet is just a reflection of them in real life and it's definitely not going to stop any of us from having REAL conversations about REAL issues, lol.

"However after taking unfounded and unnecessary verbal beatings for months I had no choice." Well if you feel that someone asking you to provide proof of your allegations concerning feminism is a verbal beating I guess I can understand why you are such a feminist hater. And BTW - you had a choice, and instead of providing the information you were asked to provide you chose to run away. That says a lot. <br />
"I usually conduct myself better than feminists" - ROFLMFAO.

Rated up! I'd like to adopt your story as the definitive answer to all the bitter accusations from that whole bunch. Would that be alright? I'm tired of worrying about their angry influence here.

Of course it would be alright. Help yourself.

Toady, it is so very lovely to have you back in the mix. Woot!<br />
<br />
Have fun!!!<br />
Don't waste your breath on this nonsense.

"Turn about is fair play. You all have been doing the same since i have been here. FTSU" Really? Well if that were true you wouldn't be able to post on my story here like you did or reply to my comments like you have several times, would you? Just more untrue accusations. And you and your little gang of feminist haters are FTSU too.

I don't know what FTSU means, Knightrunner, but your comment is quite laughable.<br />
By blocking everyone, you have proved that you are not confident enough to defend your beliefs. Go ahead and hide on a website, spewing your anti-feminist nonsense. The real world isn't that safe. I'm pretty sure things are not going to work out so well for you.

FTSU = fu*king their $hit up

Hey, I am an adult! You don't have to spell around me.

ROFLMAO. 1Toady that was great. Lilt you are wonderful.

Seriously! I am too old to learn a new language.

Lilt, Lady and any of the other women blocked by the fake MRA's on EP....

They only prove our point... they actually have several stories about why blocking feminists is "the best way to handle it" and actually if you go to their Guru's website MANWOMANMYTH... you'll get a good giggle as NONE of the idiots has come up with an original thought or comeback yet...MANWOMANMYTH, actually has a "play book" for responding to and basically blocking feminists...they all do exactly what it says, down to using terms like killers ect...

So I just giggle.... I guess some idiots have found their messiah... lmao....

And clearly life isn't working out for most of them.

And ladyblu... I used to be like you and allow knight to continue to post on my stories and comments even though he blocked me... guess what... I had to delete it as it became sick... and pitiful, I did him a favor ... had most of EP seen his nonsense he really would have known what it was like to be harassed.

I am going to leave it because the more things that him and his buddies write, the worse they look.

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