Modern Day Anti-suffragettes

I am going to try not to vent about this too much but I have to say it bothers me when women trivialize each other's viewpoints by playing into sexist narratives. For instance today on EP, I saw this post by a 40 something year old woman in answer to the question why does Obama lead over Romney with women. Her response was to call the majority of voting American women stupid and accuse them of voting for Obama because they found him attractive. Not only is that a ridiculously bad argument but it feeds the narrative that women base their decisions around childish and petty considerations, and effectively dismisses most American women as incapable of making political decisions based on the issues. Does that bother you guys? Does anybody else find it frustrating when women, on any side of an issue, use gender to cheapen another woman's opinion?
tjschira tjschira
4 Responses Oct 4, 2012

Yup!..I am all for equality for both sexes, not one sex more than the other. But yes..there are still those neanderthals of male chauvinism which keep the lie alive and well in the 21st century, and it needs another kick in their sexist neanderthal nuts.

It makes my blood boil!

YESSS! I totally agree with you on this. It makes me so mad when I see this going on. And to that lady that said that, you could make the same dumb argument the other way around. I frankly don't understand how any woman could vote for Mitt Romney, but obviously there are women that will and I will not deem them intellectually incapacitated because of it. We can disagree with one another without perpetuating the same sexist ideas that men have used for years to try to keep women from voting.

Me! I find it extremely frustrating. And stupid.
I really appreciate your story, tjschira. I saw that question and the responses. These are the same women who equate feminism with "man-hating." Or they refuse to be labeled as a feminist because they like "being sexy.". Hahahaha. The woman in question, is a bigot. She has spouted off plenty of ignoranance in the past.