I shied away from the term a lot, because of how feminism is portrayed. Often the feminists are made to look like lesbian man-haters in the media. From Powerpuff Girls to South Park, feminism has been demonized and the women made to look like rude misandrist, although I am fully aware that that is /not/ feminism and is a harmful stereotype. But that is the reason I don't like the term, because of the way people have twisted it.
However, feminism is "the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men," and I support that wholeheartedly and therefore I am a feminist.
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I agree. The problem is that I think people who are insecure and are threatened by women, and in particular independent, intelligent, successful women who embrace feminism, are the ones who have gone to great extents to portray feminists as evil, lesbian, man-haters who want to rule the world and destroy and eliminate men (just read the silly stuff MRA's post). It seems like they go out of their way to do this to try to get naive, uneducated people who don't know any better to renounce feminism. It seems that often they hope it will result in the demise of feminism and they will then be able to return to patriarchy. <br />
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This is part of the reason that I feel that it is necessary to point out how so much of what they say about feminism and feminists is total bullshit, and to expose them as the sneaky, conniving, manipulative, liars that so many of them obviously are.

Ladyblu, you are completely right. There are many men and women who are threatened by successful, intelligent women. It's much easier apparently to try to tear them down than to set the bar higher for themselves. They will never be happy; it would be rough to be that bitter.

As always I agree. Envy and jealousy of people who are obviously better can make some people very angry, resentful, and jaded, and can cause them to lash out in any way they can rather than taking measures to better themselves.

I think in a way this is just hitting the ball back to them. You're essentially labelling all people who believe in that feminist stereotype as being misogynists -- how is that any different from those people believing that all feminists are misandrist? Both are lazy ways to shoot down political opponents as bigoted ideologues. Don't get me wrong, I agree that many people who claim to disagree with feminism are misinformed about what it really means, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're complicit in creating that stereotype, it just means they're ignorant.

I agree with the last thing you wrote but not the first because I am not "labeling all people who believe in that feminist stereotype as being misogynists". The people who believe all feminists are misandrist obviously believe that because they routinely say so. But I don't believe all people who believe that feminist stereotype are all misogynists at all. I believe they obviously all hate feminists, but not all women are feminists, so they may not hate all women and therefore are not misogynists. Many of them just love and desperately want dependent, unsuccessful, ignorant, submissive women who will do whatever they want whenever they want, and will never argue, oppose, question, or dispute anything they say, do, or want, because those women will never make them feel insecure, threatened, or even challenged.

My point was that many of the people who claim to hate feminists don't understand what feminism means. Many of them do, and genuinely disagree with feminism on it's own terms, I'm not arguing with that -- regarding those people, I absolutely agree with you. But many of them think that when they say they don't like feminists, what they mean is that they don't like the shrill, man-hating, victim-card-playing stereotype they associate with the word. Such people don't disagree with equal rights for women -- they just don't like "Feminists(TM)". You can see evidence of that all over this site.

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This is why you are awesome. Male feminists unite!

The definition of "feminist" is crazy twisted!!!!But does it really matter, Bloo? You know how you feel. Just keep on making your voice heard.

sure, but only for folk who are inclined to see it that way

Swag. Swag. Swag.

Labels are always a pain coming with baggage attached. Be proud to be a feminist. I would call myself a feminist but humanist is a closer fit for me.

You make a good point, Blooregard.


As a woman, i support the ideas of feminism


It's like femenists need a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (trying not to make a joke about them being shot afterwards)

But who should we get??? Hilary Clinton?