Really Ladies?

Many things have contributed to having a 2×4 smack me in the head and show me what I was taught was wrong.
One moment that stands out to me is being on facebook, and seeing a beautiful woman in my newsfeed. Mind you, this woman was not typical beauty to most women I know. She had her picture posted, by a girl who has felt a good deal of prejudice in her life, with the statement " ewww! Thats so disgusting!". The girl was referring to the womans underarm hair.
I commented to say that she only thought it was gross because thats what society told her. Another girl tried to one up me by saying, "no its gross because its unhygenic."
I couldnt help but ask her if guys had underarm hair, and if that was unhygenic.
And then im like, yea. Imma feminist.
kaysee821 kaysee821
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2012