I Hate Girls

I hate girls. I hate talking to them, being around them spending time with them. But yet I am a girl. The majority of girls I have ever met are weak. I was once weak too, but I found strength. Why are girls weak? Because they accept and subscribe to expectations and ideals of women. Why was I weak? Because I believed in them too. In particular, I believed that I must be bone thin to be beautiful and valued, and behaved in a way that severely damaged my health and took a significant part of my life away from me. Sadly seeing and having fully experienced the damage of these expectations provoked me to revolt, and ever since I have been committed to only striving towards expectations of myself. I am becoming stronger everyday and have the courage and confidence to challenge everything I dislike about.
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2 Responses Dec 4, 2012

That's the difference between a girl and a woman, or between a boy and a man. A real woman or man can rise above social stigma and do things for the advancement of themselves, and for the growth of their minds and bodies. Unfortunately, some people never grow past childhood, despite how adult they may feel. And I can't stand them either. Hate girls, hate boys, love women, love men.

My question in this would be: how do you cope with the punishment patriarchal society gives you for being strong?
I try to balance out being strong, independant and opinionated with what's expected of me as a woman, I wish we'd live in a world that would support strong women.

They took away Wonder Woman's powers and she still wears that skimpy outfit with those unnaturally big drawn breasts... it's not convenient when beating villains, but the men demand eyecandy.