I Am A Feminist

So like, one time, i was at school and all the 'Men' - (ha, that's what they like to call themselves, i just like to call them pigs) we're embarrassing me, telling me that i was only good at sucking ****, and taking up the rear end. Til one day i had had enough - a young 'man' named Steven yelled across the walkway next to the girls gym (my favorite hang out spot) "Hey, Melony, get yer **** OUT." I stood there with rage, i was sick in the head at the time as cocaine was new in town at the time, and i had a well paid part time job around school - sucking ****, but that's another story, for another time. My rage got the better of me and i just flipped out, ******** in front of all the boys, and started sucking them off one by one, because that is all girls like me are good for supposedly. At one point i had 5 ***** in my mouth at once, and the next day at school i was known as the biggest **** around, i was so happy, my father was proud of me and my stupid ******* mother was jealous of me. So there is my initial story, the story of how i found myself, a woman, good for sucking n *******, bad for labour and calculator.
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I dont believe this story at all.

I can really feel for you, keep your head up, you don't need to do that forever, you can get out of that hole and be better than any man!

P E N I S - i am the queen of sucking p e n i s

sucking what? so many times this appears in this piece of ****.