My Husband Constantly Puts Me Down

My husband is always telling me that I am the weaker sex and that I can't do anything as well as he can. It all started when we started working at a company together in 2002. We had been working there for 4 months and I got pregnant, eventually I had to take time off of work for maternity leave and my husband got a promotion. He really started rubbing my face in it. When I eventually went back to work my husband (who was now technically my boss) kept telling me that I had to do things for him like file paper work and take notes at his meetings. Not long after this I became pregnant again and had to have even more time off of work. Surprise surprise my husband got promoted again. When I went back to work eventually I felt like he was giving me even more work to do like formatting the spread sheets and faxing the system data over to him. I was only back at work for 2 months this time round when I became pregnant again and my husbands superior (who is also a male) said that enough was enough and sacked me. I'm guessing this was just because I am a female!

Because I had nothing to do I joined a local soccer team (my husband was already a member here) I was training really hard and though of myself as a brilliant goalkeeper. When the season started I was devastated to find out that the soccer teams were not mixed but segregated because the men did not think that the women were good enough to play at their standard. I was absolutely disgusted by this, I, as a woman, should have a right to play as the goal keeper for the men's team. Granted the first match we lost 19 goals to 0 but this was not the point!

Anyway that's in the past, it just feels like it was constant. What has really riled me up recently is that my husband is saying that women can't drive (I know, it's an old one) he says that because he has never had an accident and between me and my sister we have had 34 'accidents' in the last year alone that it is fairly circumstantial evidence that women cannot drive. I keep telling him he's wrong but he is having none of it!

WHat should I say to my husband to stop this anti feminism?
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Nice try, moron.

I think your husband sounds like an a@@@h@@@. Why put up with him? He just sounds like a pain in the neck. Why not go to places he does not go, and dump him! Like the song says, enjoy yourself (it's later than you think)

I don't even believe that this is a real story. It's too bizarre to be true. If it's true, I think that you need some therapy.

You make a compelling argument for your husband. You got fired because from what I read you only worked like 6 months in 3 years. Men and women are usually segregated in sports because men are physically stronger and faster than women. Dont believe me? Watch the olympics sometime. And men are better drivers than women, my proof, Danica f,u,king Patrick. She has been racing for almost 10 years and has won A race,just the 1. If a guy had that kind of record, he wouldn't get to drive a race car anymore. You sound like a typical woman that wants everybody to change the rules so men are oppressed and women are given special treatment and unfair advantages because that, in your mind, is equality.

Men have higher insurance rates because of the large number of women that work in the insurance industry. And, what is your definition of equality? I bet you are perfectly happy with programs like affirmative action that give WOMEN and minorities an unfair advantage when they apply to college or apply for jobs. I am far from insecure because women can change the rules all they want and men will still come out on top because men are smarter,faster,and stronger than women. Now be quiet and go make me a sandwich,,oh wait,, you probably cant cook because that would be insulting, huh.