N'oublier Jamais

On December 6th,1989 a lone gunman named Marc Lépine arrived at L'École Polytechnique in Montreal Canada. Claiming that he was fighting feminism, he shot twenty-eight people, killing fourteen young women before turning the gun on himself. They were women who dared to take engineering courses. That was enough justification for him to murder them.

Please remember their names.

Geneviève Bergeron, 21; Hélène Colgan, 23; Nathalie Croteau, 23; Barbara Daigneault, 22; Anne-Marie Edward, 21; Maud Haviernick, 29; Barbara Maria Klucznik, 31; Maryse Leclair, 23; Annie St.-Arneault, 23; Michèle Richard, 21; Maryse Laganière, 25; Anne-Marie Lemay, 22; Sonia Pelletier, 28; Annie Turcotte, 21

N'oublier Jamaias - Never Forget

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such a terrible thing. no one deserves anything like that

I am so sick and tired of hearing men blame the horrible things that some males do like shoot people, children and teachers at schools, shoot people in theaters, shoot people in fast food restaurants, or kill themselves on feminism. People need to stop blaming the groups they hate for the horrible things people who are against those groups do. Take responsibility for your own behavior just as the people who have done horrible things should do. No feminist made Marc Lepine shoot people, no feminist made Thomas Ball kill himself. Those men chose to do those things themselves. Constantly trying to blame feminism for things like that (and probably blaming other people for other things too) just makes you look like an immature, obnoxious, irresponsible, narcissistic, blamer.

Damn straight.

Yes this is one guy who took it way to far. We, the MRM, do not tolerate violence. That's not what we are about. We have facts and statistics, we don't need to be violent. Let us not forget about Thomas James Ball. When he finally snapped from the constant pain he suffered thanks to feminism he turned his violence on himself. He walked up to the "family" courthouse soaked himself with gasoline and lite a match. He walked around for a minute then sat down and died. Marc Lépine was not a MRA. Thomas Ball was a MRA.
Feminism, you created monsters like Marc Lépine. The blood that was spilt is on your hands. Do you honestly expect that you can oppress a group of people for fifty years and not have a Marc Lépine. Then you have the nerve to blame men, masculinity and the MRM for the monsters you created. **** you.

That's so sad... This man was so afraid of women being equal to him that he would kill himself and stain his soul? MRAs can be such unbalanced people. I avoid them because I know that they put an effort in to hiding people like these just to further their cause. I know plenty of men who don't feel threatened by women chasing equality, and they see that women pursuing engineering is okay. MRAs need to get a handle on themselves.

I agree and as I wrote above the MRAs who constantly blame the bad things that men and MRAs do on feminism are immature, idiots. If they excuse men that do horrific things by claiming they have been oppressed by feminism for fifty years and therefore feminism should be blamed and not them, then they should have no problem with feminism because feminism fought the oppression of women that had gone on for centuries. They should have no problem with women like Valerie Solonas who tried to kill Andy Warhol and others.

That hypocrisy is absolutely appalling and makes them look so foolish.

Very true... I think there are a lot of MRAs that start with reasonable and fair objectives, like helping men become equal under child custody laws and whatnot, but reject the title of 'Mens' Rights Activist' once they see what horrible and nasty things are said under it's name. I have nothing against them at all. But then there are the ones who think it's okay to cover the tracks of these crazy people to further their selfish cause. They're just children with an inferiority complex.

I couldn't agree with you more. In fact my husband is a lawyer who helps men (and women) who have suffered injustice, and who fights for men's rights (and equality) to try to prevent the things he has seen happen from happening again. However he absolutely refuses to consider himself an MRA after reading the horrible and nasty things written on many MRA websites, and here on EP. He actually considers himself more of a feminist because he continues to see that women are the ones who most often suffer from oppressive and abusive behavior, and injustice, and he recognizes that feminists spend more time actually doing things to help people and fighting for equality than just bitching and complaining about men and MRAs, the way many MRAs do with feminism and women.

This is so sad, and I have heard that anti-feminists/MRAs have continuously tried to hide this information because they realize how truly bad and violent it can make them look, and how their constant criticism and false stories about feminism can result in a psychopath doing something like this.

oh my god that is terrible.

A sick man no doubt. What I don't understand is why would any man want a woman to be inferior to him these types seem to automatically be attracted to the frilly girly girl type. I've heard all the hype about "delicate " and "vulnerable" as if these were very desirable qualitys in a woman. I wonder if these men are insecure or some sort of bizarre subspecies of human being to listen to them.