Are you?

I'd like to give a few thoughts I feel most accurately represent this organization. I really believe this is a very unique point of view. I'm all for it...equality.

Which one of you ***** wants to make me a sandwich and blow me, eh? No, OK. Tell ya what...I'll sweeten this deal, ladies. If know what? **** it. If you blow me...I'll eat you out. Eh? Equality, right? Equal rights, equal *******! Yes. No? dames...I'm afraid you're going to become unwilling ***** recipients.
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4 Responses Jan 22, 2013

Dude. Get a life.
Scar: Please don't tell me you have bought into that enthusiastic consent bullshit?

Pardon me.*Gets out eyebleach*

What. The. ****

How about: I make you a sammich and you keep your penis in your pants untill a girl actively and enthusiastically requests you to take it out, deal?