The Feminine Mystique

Betty Friedman, in her book, "The Feminine Mystique" wrote about how the way this society is run it limits the power and strength of what we females can do for the world. The American life is based on commercials advertising the American housewife (i.e. faster vacuums, swiffer jets, less cleaning and more shine on all things wood, etc.). She also talked about how the ad's manipulate the female mind into thinking that the product makes you believe you can stop time (i.e. anti-aging). People fear aging now more than ever. I heard in the news that people are more bankrupt now than they were during The Depression.

"Perhaps it is only a sick society, unwilling to face its own problems and unable to conceive of goals and purposes equal to the ability and knowledge of its memebrs, that chooses to ignore the strength of women. Perhaps it is only a sick or immature society that chooses to make women 'housewives,' not people. Perhaps it is only sick or immature men and women, unwilling to face the great challenges of society, who can retreat for long, without unbearable distress, into that thing-ridden house and make it the end of life itself."

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3 Responses Jul 19, 2007

I think female mystique is about being social,
helping each other,
building connections.

You could hide 10 Dollar
on a public toilet
in the toilet paper
and let faith decide who finds it.

Money is a form of energy,
it is math, numbers,
and can be understand.

It is about giving.

No they don't. But lots of commercials portray women as being nothing more than maids and nannies. I recently saw an ad on TV for paper towels that showed the kids, the dog, and the husband making messes all over the house, and the wife coming along with the strong paper towel and cleaning them up while the kids, and husband just ignored her and the messes they had made, and went on to make even more for her to come along and clean up. Does that sound fair to you knightrunner?

Feminist treat house wives as if they aren't real people.

Coming from a person that wears the label of a hate movement Ill take that as a compliment.