I think it would help others to understand our position if we began using quotes & statistics to validate our claims instead of generalizing them. So instead of saying, "men slutshame women" (not ALL men do this), why not refer to a study that actually compared how much women are shamed to how much men are? I'm pretty sure it'll shut a lot of people up.
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Slutshame? I can did that word


Guys don't allow yourself to feel as though you're defeated because someone doesn't agree with you.

How stupid will anyone look if they deny that though? I never tolerate any argument that isn't backed up. && when I do, I encourage the person that I'm conversing with to enlighten me with the same. Being feminist doesn't mean that you HAVE to make people agree with you, remember a lot of people have been shaped by their culture and or religion so we still have to be pretty open minded. Any sign of misogyny or intolerance will be deleted from my posts and that's as much as I can do. So guys, it really wouldn't hurt to provide these. It shows intelligence ladies & gents. Us feminists didn't come up with this perspective while daydreaming.

Ok but do you pull your facts out of thin air? I highly doubt that. That's just my point and I think that saying that using validated claims is "pointless" doesn't help if you're having an argument or discussing something as serious and REAL as inequality.

I totally get it! You're right can't argue there.

If no1 agrees with you, does that stop you from doing what you do? I would hope not!

I think the issue is finding a study or survey that's been specifically done on it.
Not only that, but anti-feminists also have "statistics" of their own so it's a game of which statistics are correct and not biased