The amount of clothing on a person doesn't not dictate how you should treat them.
If you blame someone for your own actions and reactions, the problem isn't them. It's YOU.
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If they dress like a *****, it's really their fault. Imagine somebody going up to a guy in a police uniform and asking for help, and the person in the police uniform responds, "I'm not a policeman. I just like wearing this uniform to make people think I'm a policeman. But I'm not."

Exact same thing.

So me showing some cleavage means I want sex? And you honestly believe that can be compared to a police officer?
Because women who want sex apparently have an uniform now.
I mean wow. I am literally blown away by this idiotic logic.

Yes. ****** dress like ****** because they're ******. Policemen dress like policemen because they're policemen. If you dress like a *****, you're inviting people to think of you as a *****.
I mean wow. I am just blown away by your disability to understand truth.

You're a troll. I have no time for you. You're being blocked. Bye Felicia.

And furthermore, my point is that you still treat them like a human being.
A short skirt is not an excuse to physically violate them or scream obscenities at someone.

You still treat them like a human being, sure, but you expect them to do their job. Would you expect a policeman to do their job? Yes. Would you expect a ***** to do their job? Yes. So if you dress like a *****, you are saying, "Look at me! I'll **** you for money!"

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You are part of a vanishing species. An endangered political anachronism from a time when women chose to define themselves.

The gall of these men to think women only dress to please and seduce men. Not good.

My parents don't let me dress the way I want to because they are afraid I will look like a **** and men will harass me. backwards thinking, they won't listen of course.

My mother had very similar thinking.


I would love to wear dresses but the way they are made is to expose the cleavage. My mom says because I am more "developed" (lol) than most girls who wear that it would seem "slutty" for me to look like that.

But hey, it's not like I can't help my body shape right? Ridiculous.

What are you getting at here with this one?

So sexy pretty=slutty? Really? Isn't that dehumanizing?

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You go girl. Be yourself and have fun, life is too short to worry!

Sometimes I just beep at 'em. As erraticallgrey mentioned its being inappropriate if it demoralizes an individual it shouldn't be done. Most of the time when I blow the horn they wave and smile. It might have just made someone's day.

There is ALOT of construction going on in my little town. So guess what?? Lots of strong tan construction guys. I have been tempted to do a little cat calling myself. Jus sayin...

Still makes it inappropriate and the point is is that you don't do it.

I know. Probably why I didn't actually do it.
At least I'm not dead. I did look. Is that bad?

Of course not. The human body is a beautiful thing. The issue is is that people make other people into objects instead of a person.

People are not a car. They are not clothes.
They are people. There is a difference between finding someone attractive and viewing them only as something meant to pleasure you.

Guys don't mind if you honk. We're just not wired to think it's degrading, demoralizing, demeaning or any other de... just be ready for the return fire:)
The rules are different for men and women and that's ok.

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I remember saying this to a person on here. He then said "I'm a man. When I see a low-cut dress, I think that a woman wants to have sex with me."

That's extremely disturbing.

People like that exist on this world. It is very hard to hear these sorts of things, especially from men my age.

I just have no words for the audacity of these men.

LOL... I'm sure you'd have quite a few choice words...

I hope he wasn't holding his breath...

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It's almost as though they are ashamed of their own desires, and take it out on women who dress freely. I mean ****, if you think she looks sexy in her outfit, just tell her! It's better than calling her a ****. Wtf is wrong with this world?

Seriously!! Instead of screaming "hey sexy lady, want my number?" Across the street say "hey, you look great today."


I know SOME men who won't let their daughters or partners dress freely. Actually some marry women who don't dress sexy. They are some if the worst offenders.

No kidding.

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Dehumanize? I can definitely agree with. You can never blame me for admiring though.

Admiring is completely different. Even saying a something nice is completely different.
But when you yell at someone across the street saying "nice legs baby" or say someone deserves street harassment for wearing a skirt and should dress to avoid it is the issue.

Haha no worries then. The most harmful I get is shyly saying "I just wanted you to know that you look amazing today."

And I promise you, most women would love to hear that.

Well then I must work on my shyness.

I wouldn't say even that if you get a job in a corporate environment. Unless you know someone personally, you should keep your comments to yourself. If ErraticallyGrey looks hot, a smile or a wink will let her know you noticed her.

Oh no I know haha none of that bs in the workplace. I would never even consider that unless I had a pre existing friendship with someone and never anything more than that.

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