Why all the positive attributes pertainig inner strength should be inclusive to men.For example they would say she is a man she is so strong wtf !
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I don't think the issue is this one sided. I'm not an expert but from the top of my head, I can think of a number of naive arguments for each side. I think overall the "inner strength" that you refer to in normal speech are variants of emotional stability and willpower?

* Men are more sensitive to physical pain according to studies.
* Men and Women both experience a spectrum of emotions and react to them different. Men's reactions are typically not associated with weakness for some reasons while women's are.
* I believe it is commonly believed that men do not process their emotions to the same extent as women and instead prefer/are encouraged to repress them; leading to weaker reactions to small events but stronger reactions to great events, e.g. men supposedly do not get over break-ups as easily.
* There are are more than three times as many suicides among men than women.

* Men typically has a more dominant/go-getter personality and the position in such confrontations can be seen as reflecting strength.
* Men tend to have a "flatter" curve of empathy, or even less empathy overall (not caring at all to general altruism; vs great care for close kin and friends). This naturally leads to a lesser degree of "weaknesses" and prob what is most noticeable.
* Due to the female cost of reproduction and benefits of joint care-taking, there has supposedly evolved a greater desire for women to maintain social nets than for men. Maintaining good care and relations could definitely elevate the importance of emotions in decision processes, and thereby the potential of emotions to play a role in decision processes.
* The stereotypes of men and women are typically not the averages - great and aweful men and women. The small deviations (whether in mean or variation), become more pronounced. Men also tend to have a greater variance in most attributes, partially explaining why some of the most notable humans, both good and bad, have been men. Supposedly this is explained because reproductively, it does not matter as much if men are lost / they benefit more from top positions..

and so on... just a naive brainstorm

I've never heard that one, but I've heard she's a man she's so hairy.

Are you from the States?

Actually, those ideals are starting to burn off the youth culture, though there is a reason behind that. Saying "She is the man" pertains to dates back to the 1950s by southerners. It was also used as a underground term for the police, which was mainly composed of men at that time. Today it's used as a superlative compliment, meaning that the person is standing above his peers. The compliment is more geared towards men because it's usually used BY men towards men. When men refer to women in that way, they're trying to hit on the woman, though they use the term incorrectly because it's GEARED towards men. Also, if you use "She is da WOMAN!", people will just look at your weird/

I am talking about using it as a compliment-in a good sense.To me it is bullshit.My BF used to say this to me and i assure you he used it as crazy respect for me wot an ...haha

I just said WHY you can't change it to "You are the woman" because it would sound awkward. This is one of those things that you just have to get over because it doesn't directly affect your life :/

Hey I'm a man sorry if the fact I'm a man responding to you might offend you. But tbh I really do agree, I believe man woman, all people should be equal, if only the world felt the same way I do. Well I apologize if anything I said has offended you. : )

Are you kidding? We need men to think this way!

Actually, you need men to think of you as an equal, unless that's what you were saying with that comment :3

Thanks, yeah I just believe in everyone should be equal, and not judged based of their gender or race, idk maybe my dream is a naive one. But that's how I feel. : )

No offence of course.
Why should all the tough things i got over and all the things i have achieved not be tributed to me as a woman for an instance .

I just explained that in my comment :/

I agree with you, you should be recognized for your achievements. Nut unfortunately not everyone thinks like me If it were up to me person would be judged based off their achievements and character, not their race or gender. Idk I just really want a world where everyone could be treated equally, no inferiority or superiority, simply equality. But well idk maybe me dream is just tooo naive. :/

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