I recently turned 24, and now that I'm in my mid twenties I'm constantly reminded that I'm getting older and it is time for me to be looking to settle down. Why is it that men at my age are told to go out and "enjoy" themselves whereas I and other women around the world are near enough advised to prepare for marriage and motherhood? I constantly remind those around me, including women, that there is more to life than becoming a wife and mum; only to be met with blank stares. If I want to go out and date men and have fun, the so be it. I will not conform to what society tells me a woman "should" be. I will be what I want to be, and that is me.
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To me your views are really a definition of femininism! Well, I do agree with the people who are telling you what they are telling you! If you are leaving it for later it becomes more complicated! Give yourself at least five years to find a guy for you in life, without which your life will be miserable! In five years time, you'll be 29.... You reach 30 yo biological clock isn't waiting for you, you become even more choosy and you might even let a good guy pass by because you don't have time no more..... Trust me it happens...

Its because (not to say Its right..) We have so long withour fertility so, while 24s really young, it is something to consider in a boyfriend, are they a nice guy who'd make a good hubby & father in the future. Whereas I just consider myself lucky I've got gorgeous kids lol.. And mothers are still telling theirsons ddon't get too serious or get anyone pregnant coz they think they're probably friggin idiots lol. Fact is when your grown up make the decisions that are right for you & others including your parents can make decisions on what's right for them. Your fertility & sexuality is nobody's business but your own & your partners.

But whence you've made wrong decisions and yo life is messed up, you gonna say why didn't even my family care to warn me!....

Hahaa, yea maybe.

Many times it happens to young women in their 20's while they are sewing their wild oats. Just be careful not to get prego and you will be good to go

Yes, you should be who you want to be.

It use to be worse. In Mississippi as late as 1990 you could marry a female of 12 years of age with parental consent. I think a lot of these "rules" and atititudes are left overs from the patriarchial world were and are. It's just a little subtler now. I got married at 22 my wife was 21. No way were either of us ready for the responsibilities that came with marriage let alone children. Both of us agree if we did it again 30 would be the earliest. Just coming from being a teenager is just beginning to being on the cusp of life. It's all too much to cut off so soon.

You don't HAVE to do anything. Live your life the way in which it makes you most happy. If that bothers anyone, start burning bridges. You don't need negative Nelly's raining on your parade. You are the most important person in your life - start living like it. ;)