Oh my gosh. I just say someone say, " An atheist is an atheist until the plane goes down, just like a feminist is a feminist until she finds a husband." I completely forget that getting married means I suddenly don't want to be treated like a human being.
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A man's ego is so inflated that he thinks it's justified to compare himself to God. Wow.

If I were to marry, I would marry another feminist.

ew...I never want to know that person. that comment literally made my stomach turn.

Didn't they teach in school that, once married, you renounce any form of human treatment?

Just kidding of course, I agree that, when you marry, you should receive no different treatment than those who aren't.

What ?
There is no way that being single and dating could possibly compare to the respect and freedom to be whatever I want , I get in my marriage .

Hey as long as your a feminist and not a "ball crusher" I don't care. If women want to join in on what men do both the good and the crappy then so be it. But I do ask that feminist treat men as good as they want to be treated themselves.

The world be truly equal until women stop getting preference in emergency situations I.E. women and children first. Not a woman hater btw.

Yes. That'll be the tipping point.
Not when women get paid the same or stop having our reproductive rights ******** from us or being **** shamed for everything we do.
No. We'll finally be equal when you and I can die at the same time.

I mean which would rather have get paid a little less and have to deal with ignorant people's opinions every once in a while or know that i'd the shyt ever his the fan you're at the bottom of the list to be rescued. Not saying it's right it's just the world we live in and no I don't want to go ahead of children I just want my life to be considered just as valuable as a woman's. If I'm an ******* for that then I guess I'll be an *******

And you want to go ahead of children in an emergency situation?

how about children first then rest run in unison?

and how often do you hear this "women and children first" nonsense. Ive literally never once in my life heard someone in this day and age use that term. Kind of a silly reference.

its 2014...im pretty sure its "children first and whos ever left help each other"

Uuummmm how many emergency situations have u been in? And that only applies in certain situations. When negotiating for hostages their procedure is actually to bargain for WOMEN and children first. Go ahead look it up I'll wait lol. Jeez why do people always just go with whatever sound right in their head without actually doing any research. I want even trying to be a ****. It's a valid point. I have nothing against feminists except for the ones who preach about equality but only bring up how women get the short straw and never talk about the advantages of being a woman over being a man.

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i really dislike people like you who think "all men are the same". open your eyes and notice a lot of them are different. just because some guy messed with you is no excuse to automatically hate all men. just please take my advice and try again:)

Read it. Read it again.
Because I obviously said someone. I didn't even refer to gender.
I really dislike people like you who think "all feminist are the same." Open your eyes and notice a lot of them are different. Just because some femi ants messed with you is no excuse to automatically hate all feminist. Just please take my advice and try again. ;)

i understand and sorry, btw i noticed what you did there lol

Either I misheard this or I go and poison the drinking water.

I'm married and still a feminist. And I never turned to gods in hard times.

My wife is a feminist. I am a feminist. People just like to make up bullshit which sounds compelling in order to demonstrate that their folksy wisdom is the only thing they need.