A common reason some women don't believe feminism is needed is because they don't feel oppressed.
Admittedly, I haven't been oppressed either.
I'm rarely cat called. No one grabs me inappropriately at bars or on the street. I'm paid equally as my male counterparts. No one **** shames me or anything. I don't live in a country where I am property. I haven't been sold into sex slavery. I am extremely privileged.
But I know these things happen to my friends. To my family. To random strangers.
I know that that I could lose my privilege at any point in time.
I know my sisters may have to go through this. My mother and aunts and grandmothers may have already gone through this.
I'm not a feminist because it directly affects me. I'm a feminists because it directly affects others.
I may not be oppressed, but that doesn't mean that other people aren't.
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You are probably oppressed in subtle ways in many areas of your life. Like if you ever felt inadequate or devalued due to our culture perpetuating the idea that, as a woman, your value lies primarily in your sexual desirability to men. Or if you ever felt apologetic for taking up too much space when you weren't. Or if you ever adjusted your own sexual activity because you feared being dehumanized or felt you owed someone something. The things we see happen to our friends affects us psychologically. The existence of laws that do not permit us complete autonomy over our own bodies is oppression. Have you ever been in a room with several guys trashing a beautiful celebrity, holding her to a ridiculous and unrealistic standard of beauty? Have you ever felt alienated from other women due to various media perpetuating the stereotype that women are two-faced and competitive? Have you ever been called a ***** or a feminazi or any other degrading term for voicing your opinions on equality, without attacking anyone else's beliefs? These daily, common occurrences wear on us. They wear on our psyche. They are the embodiment of cultural oppression.

I think sometimes I feel discriminated against for being a woman, which is different than being oppressed. But I am also in a position where I can call that out.I get catcalls a lot. Like everyday , multiple times a day. Even when walking hand in hand with my husband.I feel like I could be oppressed at anytime though. What if my state limits birth control access? What if any of the laws we have in place to protect women's rights are reversed? That is why I am a feminist, not because I am oppressed, but to keep from being oppressed, and to keep the privilege to speak out against discrimination. I want to keep what I have and expand that to other women, while making what I have better.