In the west,the oppression of women is very subtle,it is done psychologically and through education,in the middle east it is more of a physical.Oppressors go on playing subtle games, the woman in the modern days has been decieved and surely oppresed more than the one who lived in the darkest ages.I would say to a woman who assumes she is no longer oppressed that i think she is blind. Like many people who are blind to gender problems, to class problems, to international problems. She's blind to what's happening to her.It is high time that you reconsidered what are your rights ,and whether you are free or deluded.
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Women in the west have it better than men. Period.

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Well should read some of our stories that support women's rights here. And if you really want to get mad, look up a guy named jackbarnesMRA. Yes he is one of those MRA freaks running around out there talking all kinds of trash.

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Oh these Men's Right's Advocate's (MRA) are all over the place and really really hate me and a few others. They feel women are taking over!!!! Hahhahaha!!!!!

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To be hated is a sign of Intelligence.

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It would be funny to see as the entire structure of the United States collapsed under female rule. I've hated Americans for quite a while now, and this "feminism" cancer might actually be good. Keep in mind this exists only in the United States and maybe a few European countries. The rest of the world doesn't have this disease. When women take over the U.S. and the economy collapses, I'll just move back to Russia, and watch as the U.S. dollar slowly goes down in value, as the GDP of the U.S. falls below that of third-world countries, as the U.S. completely destroys itself. Keep on going, feminists. You amuse me.

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I am not here to educate egoistics ***** about women present status in society.Of course ,i will get bent out of shape when i hear an idiot ,who does not have the slightest idea or the remotest knowledeg about women's current status in society:Politically,Economically,Socially.I ,too am - and all feminists i believe,not interested in the misleading apperance of woman's freedom and as i said before the enveloped injsutice is worse because it is decorated.

In both eras, past and present, what has been decisive is not the needs of women as human beings but the interests of the manipulators.Let's see:
Woman goes to work like man,but why she has to make trible the efforts to get that proclaimed freedom ?she has work at home ,she has to prove herself at work to get the same privilege that a man gets for marely being his mother child.And in all professional fields,be it in business,science or economics women still treated as a second or sub-human.So actually she got her right but can't do anything with it ,a ******* joke.
What about sexual exploitation for women?She is free to promote her femininity just to make her a target for sexual sell because women need the sense of identity, purpose or creativity which the manipulators offer.
A woman goes to continue her studies at the University and allow a higher eduaction of course but why displaying of brains or serious study should label her as lack in Femininity,women hid it lest they lose what others identify them with:Femininity.And if she was an author she will stop writing after marraige or produces one or two books ,apologising for her talent :D

Most of the Feminists pioneer fighters have husbands,Partners,Children and homes but they are depicted by he mainstream as the"embittered sex or the sad spinsters" from which most of women,even those who claim to be feminists try to Escape.

Good post. The "I don't see it therefore it doesn't exist" attitude is I think one of willfull ignorance.
Also if you look at what is happening with access to birth control and abortion, keep ignoring it, and one day these women will realize they are oppressed.

Great post :)