I will never understand why there are so many anti-feminist women here. I get that some people believe in a more "traditional home environment", where the men work and women stay home (again, something I will never understand, but that is another topic), but how can woman out there be against equality?
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Because women are turned on by being submissive and being disrespected and put in their place why do you think 50 shades of grey was such a hit?

First of all, that is certainly not all women. Secondly, that is a fetish, not a way of life. Generally, women don't like to be treated like that after the ******.

That is the majority of women Ive been with and your sexual fantasies are influenced by subconscious thoughts and feelings. Also they like being dominated in a non-sexual way thats why women don't respect nice guys.

I honestly don't know what group of women you're hanging around, because no girl that I've known have been attracted to disrespectful guys. And, sexual fantasies being influenced by the unconscious thought is actually a pretty outdated Freud-based theory. Most psychologist don't even entertain it, actually.

Even if you DO believe that to be true, how would you explain the community of men who are into be dominated by women?

No it isn't outdated subconscious thoughts influence behavior. Men and women have personalities that fall somewhere on a feminine or masculine scale. Men who are into that are attracted to females but have explored feminine feelings and they are sexually receptive. Cuckold fetishes involve men who translate the anger they feel watching their woman with other men into arousal. My theory is it is a coping mechanism men who have been cuckolded use. They turn the shame they feel into a sexual fetish by changing the way they view the situation. People do it all the time.

The subconscious doesn't have the effect on sexuality that people once thought it did, though. I think you're example has more to do with taking emotions and expressing them in unconventional ways. I would completely agree with that, but by no means is there a set pattern for this. Not every sexually frustrated man will be attracted to a married woman and, therefore, develop a cuckold fetish. Just like not every woman is going to respond submissively to a man. Things are more complex than that.

The cuckold fetish refers to men who enjoy watching their girl cheat on them. Also I am generalizing of course their are exceptions without exceptions their wouldn't be homosexuals. All I was saying is that on average women enjoy being dominated and this often translates to submissiveness in the bedroom.

I still have to disagree with you on women being more submissive.
Look at the animal kingdom. In almost every species, the female animal are thought to be the dominate ones (especially seen in groups like lions, wolves, etc.). If humans evolved from the animal kingdom, and because we are a social animal, it would be logical for the same to be true.
The difference is, women were taught over time (via society) to be submissive. Because times are changing (and because we are not forced to be lower in society so much anymore), generation by generation - from what I can see -women are becoming less submissive.

So, in short: I find that women are submissive because they are taught to be, and that idea bleeds into their sex life.

In the animal kingdom you have alpha males that lead the pack. the males hunt for food and the females tend to their young much like humans. There are exceptions to this like black widows but humans ascend from apes which have a social structure similar to ours with males being dominant. If society were to crumble and humans were to live like neanderthals women would not be the dominant ones the biggest strongest male would. Men would literally fight over females and the winner would mate. You're right about women being taught to be submissive but it is also influenced by hormones. Nurture plays a role and so does nature. Thank you for arguing intelligently like a rational thinking person most feminists don't do that.

Well, first of all, there were alpha males and females. Secondly, the test that was done to 'find wolf ranks' was in a VERY controlled environment and has more recently been disregarded. In nature, wolves' packs are just their immediately families. So, really there are no alpha males, nor females.

And, generally, males are not the ones to hunt. Look at lions. Males almost never hunt, the females do at night. Baboons and elephants, likewise, are more female dominated species. And, just look at praying mantises, where females eat the male's head after sex.
It's totally true that, in some cases, animals fight for mate. That is a sign of dominance, yes, but I think it's more directed at the other male than the female. The female is just looking for the male that will help her produce the best offspring.

Many thanks for that last bit.

Well I agree that women actually do have more power in society than men. Women will always control sexual selection. therefor they control the future of humanity.

Well I'm sorry you are struggling with feelings of inferiority but that wasn't what I was implying. Most people are sheep and the fact is propaganda and brainwashing is effective and works on most people. only intelligent strong willed people can avoid it. Thank you for not going with feminism.

"That's just reinforcing the inferiority complex by using an inferiority complex to fight...against....and inferiority complex....." you couldn't have worded that better thank-you


If you want respect earn it like everyone else.

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And why do you think women still slaves?i hope you did not mistake it for Mans fault:D

I'm not against equality, I firmly believe that women are superior to me and all men.

While you can believe whatever you'd like, I hope you don't think feminism is about female superiority. It's all about equality.

Usually "anti-feminist" women think that feminism means that you are a "man hating hippy". Just look at shailene woodleys response to it. We just need to educate those women to get us all on the same page

Equality isn't all women at the work place, it's the chance to be in the work place. If a woman chooses to be a stay at home mom, it's not anti-feminist, it's her choice. Just because everyone gets to go to prom doesn't mean everyone wants to dance.

No, no. I don't believe that work equality is the entirety of feminism, I only mentioned that because I noticed a large community of woman would only respected the "tradition values" in which men were above women (in most ways). Those staying at home was only an off-handed example.

Still, it should be people respecting people. I've known some good guys who have had the stuffing beat out of them by domineering women. Though I do get what you're trying to say now.

Feminism and equality are about so much more than that though. It's bodily autonomy, not being your fathers property, not sold to your husband but being able to choose your husband, not being a victim of female genital mutilation, being 1 in 3 women that is a rape victim, then experiencing the victim blame game, and so many more things that I don't have the energy to list them all.

I completely agree with you. Though I am yet to see women here who willing support themselves being treated in such ways you've mentioned. The issue I was mentioning before is women letting themselves be treated lesser than men because they believe it is "right". I have see a large community of said women here, and I really don't understand it.

Me neither. I had an argument with a young woman that firmly believed feminism is only about burning bras and not wearing makeup and hating men. I gave examples like being able to choose we spouse and she simply said "my parents love me and wouldn't do that." *head-desk. Humanity's history is full of examples of situations where people not immediately effected by wrong-doing simply looked away until it was too late. Acting like feminism isn't relevant is very similar to me. I hear politicians spout BS about women submitting to their husbands, not being smart enough to work or make decisions about their own bodies, and then the next conservative politician talks about women's bodies being able to prevent pregnancy if they don't want it, and I am absolutely terrified of what the future will hold for my daughter if I don't continue fighting now.

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