And I'm ******* proud. People call me a "hippy" a "feminazi" and a "lesbian"... If that's what it means to believe I have a right to make decisions about my body and and that I deserve to be treated with respect... So be it.
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You never had rights to do what you wanted to your body.... You always could have done thing you wanted to your body. You just have a mind that is clenched by the stranglehold of what anyone if authority tells you. Here's my advice... Question everyone and everything

I would agree if laws said otherwise. Sure I know I have the right to do what I wish with my body, but laws passed about birth control, and abortion laws say otherwise

Laws were made up by man. The earth was created 4.3 billion years ago. There were no laws. Yes some laws are nice to have like to rape and kill people but some of them are kind of pointless. Nobody takes the time to point out the logic we have screwed up as a race. We are to busy whining about feminism and religion and taking selfies.... Maybe one day people will wake up.