The advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

Now, as a feminist, I am widely misunderstood. I do not hate men because I am a feminist, contrary to popular belief. In fact, most feminists do not hate men.

I am a feminist because I think women should be respected. I am a feminist because equality is my right and it has nothing to do with my X chromosomes. I am a feminist because I shouldn't be afraid to walk home alone at night. I am a feminist because you can teach your dog the word 'stop', but you can't teach your son the same. I am a feminist because I'm not going to be used just to make babies and do chores. I am a feminist because my gender should not prevent me from receiving equal pay, let alone getting a job. I am a feminist because men have privilege in the absence of equality. I am a feminist because no one should be victimized because of their gender. I am a feminist because things need to change.
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Dead Heretic does this in all posts.He will search for a small line or wrod from which he attacks Feminism as if it is not enough we have violent men out we should have them here too.This animal should be reported if you were in real life i could take men like you to court and teach them a lesson.

Nobody has a point in narrowing a big subject to a game of words.

You have the right to defend whoever you wish since a "big subject" means a lot to different readers. It is perceived/interpreted/reacted by, differently by anyone"And we have the right to ask negative and ridiculous trollers to get the **** up when they think it's okey to bullshit on something that touches our everyday life.
We will take it personally,indeed.It's our time trying to get our rights reconsidered and our voice heard if this is not personal,i don't know what is it.

Maybe I should clarify more. Part of this I have experienced directly. Part my mother has experienced directly. But whether it happens to me, or someone I love, it's still going to make me mad. Nobody has the right to treat me that way, or my mother that way, or anyone that way.

That being said, there have been a lot of opinions stated here. Which is fine. I completely respect everyone's individual opinions.


YES! Thank you!! Feminism isn't supposed to be about hating men, it's about getting men and women to be able to live equally and peacefully :) I love your mindset; honestly the world need more people who think like you :D