I am not an angry person. I don't think my life sucks, I don't think that everything I do is looked down upon since I am a woman, because nowadays and where I am from it is a much more accepting environment. I am not a feminist to lash out at people for my misfortunes. I am a feminist because I haven't forgotten the times people that sometimes I didn't even know remarked on my meal, and how fit or not it was for a girl to have my appetite. I am still a bit upset that when I and my brother went to get a physical and he gained almost 30 lbs and was more wideset than before the doctor said it was ok, he's just a big boy, but when I gained 15 lbs, nevermind being the skinniest, strongest and healthiest I have ever been, I was told to look at options for losing weight, that maybe I should start eating healthier or exercise more. To be clear I was 145 lbs, a size 3, and a gymnast who was finally gaining the muscle I needed to do higher level skills. Ever since I stopped hiding my homosexuality, I have been all too aware of all the inappropriate attention I get from guys, that I don't get from girls (even lesbian ones), and guys don't get from girls. I have been cat called and stared at and moves have been made that were uncalled for. My ambitious behavior has been applauded as "daring for a girl," instead of just good. I have been judged for being athletic or daring to show that I'm stronger than a male friend. I'm not sure how much discrimination there is in the workplace, because I am still in high school. But I am sure that inequality is still here, and when my honors English class last year concluded that women were no longer suffering from sexism anymore I was wide eyed. It's not that there are huge injustices- I have faced none in school in the sense that I have freedom in my education. I can go and try for any job I want and am qualified for. I can buy my own stuff, I don't have to have a family until I want to, I can vote, I can run for office, I can own a house. But at the same time I can't walk down the street without worrying if my walk is too provocative or my shorts are too high for me to be safe. I wasn't allowed to go out on my own as early as my older brother for no other reason than specifically that I was a girl. I learned a few self defense moves not because I was going to be in a bad neighborhood or hung out with dangerous people, but because I am a girl and guys anywhere can be a threat. My life isn't ruined. I am not crying every night from the unfairness of it all. But we can't pretend that it is already just for everyone.
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Perfectly stated.

Also, I hate it when I am angry and it's assumed I am just PMSing, and when I'm actually PMSing it's my fault and I need to control my emotions better.

Women cannot have any feelings. They only are meant to be docile and demure. (Sarcasm)

It can be any number of things. It could be that we had a bad day or we are tired or a lot of small things are adding up into more stress. I can pms pretty badly, but I know when it's happening, I don't need anyone to tell me, because most of the time other guys have guessed it wrong. If I realize I'm just flipping out because I'm moody, I'll apologize on my own, I don't need you invalidating legitimate anger