"Wh*re". "Hoe or Ho". "Floozie". "Hoojie". "Sl*t". "Slag". "Skeezer"."Tramp"."Free Lunch". "Easy Piece"."Round-heels". "*****".

Barely scratches the surface of terms used to shame women who dare exercise their sexuality with a frequency
or freedom that men have traditionally done. And what names are such men given ?

"Casanova". "Stud". "Gigolo"."Player". "Pimp". and possibly, "Man-Wh*re"(like they're insulted by that).

By and large, the only comparably demeaning sexual terms for men are reserved for gay men.
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It is of my opinion that women use these terms to describe each other far more than men do. It seems to be borne from jealousy and insecurity.

Men have terms used to unfairly describe them, as well, though they are far more accusatory than our terms are. Is it worse for a woman to be unfairly deemed a ***** or a man unfairly deemed to be a rapist?

In my experience, men don't throw those labels around as easily as women do.

Those terms do disparage women. The terms I speak of are only for men, and yes, they have dire consequences for both parties.

Deadbeat Dad, rapist, abuser, stalker, *********, pervert, predator, wife-beater, misogynist, cheater, just off the top of my head. These terms are mostly reserved for men in the same way the terms you mention *mostly* apply to women.

I said mostly. Men can be ****** too, just as women can be rapists. It is not the same thing, I agree. It is much, much worse.

It is, love. I just think we should put things in perspective. Women have their strengths, men have theirs. Equal rights are okay with me, but equality itself is an impossible notion. We are different, and we should embrace that, not fight each other over it. If we, as women, stop perpetuating this sort of nonsense, we'd be better off for it. Just my two cents.

Good for them! I, however, could not live with myself if I didn't allow people to challenge my way of thinking and simply entrenched myself in my own point of view, which is often the downside of debating anything.

Unfortunately, your beliefs will be challenged throughout your life. You don't need to welcome it, and it doesn't need to come from me. When you have dedicated yourself to defending one side, which you clearly have, you fail to be objective. I prefer to tell people the truth, my truth, and that may well be very different from yours. I am not a feminist, nor am I a misogynist. I am a human being and we all bleed red, even those with male genitalia. The feminist you represent to me from this post alone (and not having engaged in much conversation about it,) adds more fuel to the fire rather than solve any issues directly.

I don't believe it is your intention to solve anything with this post, only to open a discussion about derogatory terminology against women. Perhaps that discussion leads to some enlightenment, perhaps not. Either way, differing points of view should be welcomed, not shunned. You don't have to agree with me, and I expect you never will.

I am not at war with you. You appear to be at war with those who disagree with you. You may remove my posts if you like, I've already archived them for my own use. As a writer, I like to save my work. If you feel ashamed of others seeing our exchange, feel free.

Non feminists are not welcome... Also know as, if you don't agree you are attacking me and I don't like my belief system being threatened by logic.

I think you are incredibly intelligent and I have very much enjoyed our exchange. If you want to bully me out of your little corner of the Internet, at least acknowledge that instead of making unsupported insinuations and inconsequential threats.

Would you like me to leave?

I don't see the logic in your original post, either. I've attempted to put things into perspective from an objective standpoint, and it has been met with coy rebuttals rather than understanding. I don't seek to perpetuate a discussion with a brick wall, against which my actual logic is bounced back to me without any consideration for it.

All I know is you're a damn fine writer and a strong woman. You're brilliant, actually. You don't need to try so hard, as it often muddles the beauty of the raw, authentic qualities one may possess.

Even though we disagree, I quite like you. I won't be offended or even surprised if my sentiments are not reciprocated.

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I don't like slurs and double standards.

Any woman may be called those names, it matters little how many partners she may have had. Often her worst crime is not to be seduced by the name-caller.

never have quite seen why highly sexed men and women aren't viewed in the same way

It seems to me if men ever feel like having sex with multiple partners, they don't get branded with this term as often as they are considered a "womanizer". People glorify men for sleeping around. Just looking at popular media (Barney from HIMYM, for an offhanded example). If the tables were turned, any woman would be hated or used.

The double standard, only men can enjoy sex, only men can want sex, men are good for having sex.
It's such bulkshit.

I always ask people, makes and females alike, to describe the term "*****" and they never seem to be able to put a definition to it.

A friend of mine had sex with a couple guys and I guess she's ashamed by it so I blatantly asked her if she thinks that she's a ***** and of course she replied no. I said there you go, problem solved.

Why would she be a ***** for trying something that can be soo much fun?

Lmfaoooo please don't make me laugh