I'm a Feminist In the Sens...

I'm a feminist in the sense of "Women are equal in value to men". Actually I once heard a definition of feminism as "the radical concept that women are people too". I've never supported the anti-man stiff of the extremists. I believe that behaviour is inevitable (pendulum effect) but ultimately hurts the image of the feminist movement.
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Women are higher in value to men. We are the Administrators of the species and the arbiters of life itself.

I guess I could be called a feminist in a sense also. However, I do not limit the belief in equal value to one sex, race, economical group, nationality. I probably could hide from the truth that females are still being abused through out the globe, but I am to much a realist not to see slave sex trade, females educated to seek marriage over education and careers, females paid less for same jobs, females educated to accept low level jobs, and etc.
The other issue is I am bias against women being in combat, I have lived this horror, I want to protect them from lost of limbs, death, and destruction of their soul with memories of the horrors of combat. I am not saying I would oppose their right to being part of the conflict, I will however not support it.

war is ugly. I wouldn't want anyone to go to war actually

the point is- especially not women. our hearts and minds are more sophisticated and therefore more sensitive. stronger too, yes, but we are simply not as expendable. nature understands this, as far more males die in infancy and nature stops making so many males when times are hard. because their existence is more wasteful and does not "keep on giving" as the female one does through gestation and other ways.

the real reason many higher-level soldiers do not want women in combat is not so reasonable as Jones47's is. rather, many men in power in the armed forces know that

*if women were allowed in combat, we'd see what they're really doing over there. they are raping the local women and children and murdering innocents.*

When people talk badly about men, making them out to be monsters. I say, "Hey, men are people too and they also have feelings." What bugs me is that a lot of people don't see that men and women actually have a lot in common. To me they're not very different. I think society has put too much pressure on the two sexes to act a certain way. People should be free to be themselves and not obsess over gender stereotypes.

men rape. they war. they are aggro. their y chromosome is dying. they often refuse to use their free will to follow their consciences.

'boys will be boys'. that says it all. it says something is morally wrong with men.

this is so glaringly obvious that there is no sense in pretending that male behavior is not a problem to cause nearly all other problems.