Yes.  I Went to a School ...

Yes.  I went to a school back in the day where I was forced to take Home Economics (sewing and cooking) while the boys got to take wood and metal shop.  I had no choice but to be a feminist.
Mandragora Mandragora
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I almost got killed as a kid in wood and metal shop, so i wish i'd learned how to bake and sew instead.

You should have been taught how to cane men!

generally penis envy refers to a female wish<br />
<br />
for male attributes, position,and advantages..<br />
<br />
not wanting a penis.

Quite true!

But as it turns out, I really did want -- not *a* penis, but *my* penis, returned to me. Not that I ever reallyhad one, no. Gender dysphoria is a long hard row to hoe. And I will always be a feminist.

How can Two people[a man and a woman] make One decision? HOW???<br />
Assume they both have equal rights or gender equality according to the prevailing media/feminists' claim/argument/propaganda..., so how can these TWO people practically make ONE decision? HOW???<br />
<br />
Can TWO CEOs run ONE company?<br />
<br />
Govt can make more TAX $$ if women work outside, while twice amount of people do the same jobs, wages are cut in half... they call this modern women's Liberation! Oh yeah! Slavery?<br />
How can TWO people[a man and a woman] make ONE decision??? HOW??? <br />
<br />
Can TWO Govt officials run ONE Department?<br />
<br />
Google it:<br />
Aaron Russo Alex Jones NWO 911 XXX Womens Liberation<br />

You never heard of cooperation, I see. Yes, two people can make one decision, two CEOs can run one company, two govt officials can run one department, and in your case-- two of you would make a half a man anyway.

Or of the thousands of women who have to support themselves.

Yup. I have spent the rest of my life learning those things that my school wouldn't let me learn. I've been a hand maker all my life. <br />
<br />
And my Freudian parents talked about "penis envy..." So I accordingly envied them. I didn't know the difference between self-directedness and penises.

And I wasn't allowed to take home economics because my parents were afraid it wouldn't look good on my transcript when the university admissions officers were going over it. :-) <br />
<br />
I should've rebelled and taken it anyway; I like to sew, but patterns confound me.