Liberal Feminist!

I believe women are equal to men when they can make their own decisions. If a women choses to be submissive, she is still equal to any man, because she has been permitted to make her own decision. If a women decides to be sex worker, it isn't degrading, she made her own choice, and decided to do it. ~ I dont agree with forced prostitution though, thats a no-no!~ I just feel that women should be equal to men if they personally decide to be. If the women is more comfortable in a submissive role, then she can go for it. If she has a job equal to a man's and wants equal pay then she should fight for it. ~Liberal feminism, when women make their own choices, just as men do. 

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2 Responses Mar 7, 2010

Yes I agree. A lot of people think feminism is about attacking men but they a really missing the big picture. It's about equality.

I would agree. Equality is based on so much more than gender.