Feminizing A Man For The First Time

I have been curious about sisifying, domination and feminizing but have not experimented yet. I just met an adorable man who has been looking for a mistress. We hit it off right away and I have a major crush on him. He wants to worship me and be my sub and I can't wait for us to get started. But, I really want to be a good mistress and give my pet what he needs to be content so I'm here to do some research. He's leaving for 7 months, for his job in 3 days, so I have time to learn the ropes before we become physical.

So, I'm here looking for input.
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if he change is mind, i am interested

My wife Mistress L have lived this lifestyle for 15 years You are a very special Goddess to even think of doing this for a partner. The benefits of a well trained sissy can be so beneficial to you We would answer any and all questions you would ask about the lifestyle

yes i agree with billybetty, get him some sissy panties and of course you have to get him a satin sissy dress and some stockings to go with it... if he really wants to be your sub, and has told you so.. then he basically told you that he is more than willing to submit to you and be your little sissy *****... get a nice strap on too, that will really femininize him good

I think coming here you should learn lots and find lots of ideas. When you talk to your sissy you will learn what degree of sissiness he wants and will accept. And then you can add to it from there. Remember you are the dom and so you know what is best for him. In his heart he will love any and all forms of body and behavior modification. Reward him with love and he will be putty in your hands.

I'm not sure if I can be of a whole lot of help but I'll try. I see by the post date that he already left for his job and won't be back until summers end. This may actually work to your advantage. It will give you time to plan how things will be upon his return. <br />
There really is no fixed rules about this, so I'll just relate how life was for me when my wife was alive. I am and was the submissive one in the marriage and she was dominant and I think didn't even realize it. To me it was so obvious, that even I got it. So, for us it was pretty easy for me to assume the wife's role and she what would ordinarilly be the husbands role. Perhaps that might be a good path for you also, to just assume the role and behave accordingly. With her it was always please and thank you, a must for a happy marriage, but there was never a question of who was in charge. It was assumed so I never questioned it.