Love The Label!

Though many people may hate labels, I don't.

I wear the label Femme with pride, and even though i struggle with aspects of my sexuality, i love being myself; which is girly. I am not high maintenance, nor am i ULTRA FEMME, though i can be. I like that i am free to express my femininity in my lesbianism. I am happy that i don't have to be boxed into the lesbian stereo type of "penis envy". Femmes break the mold of Freudian thinking that says lesbians want to be men, or aren't really women, in the "traditional" sense of the word 'woman'.

Though we may not be easily spotted as "LESBIANS" to the naked eye, a woman who loves other women will know us when she sees us, no matter what her label. If other lesbians are angry because femmes can "pass" in the straight world. Shame on them for projecting their insecurity on us.

Personal issues aside, people should be free to express themselves as they choose, so long as it harms no one else (including themselves). I love playing in make up, dressing in heels, and even the occasional dress. I enjoy painting my nails, doing my hair, and soft, girly things. This makes me no less of a woman, and makes me no less of a lover of women.

I love being femme.

MissVenom MissVenom
22-25, F
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thank you for saying this better than I could!

I am glad that you can relate to my experience.

I agree 100%. I am very femme yet I love women. We are who we are, there's not need for change.


I love you being femme!!!

Thank you!

@ Poodlez, Thanks!

This is ABSOLUTELY my favourite story to date. I completely agree with you and could not have said any of this better myself! xo