Gimme A Femme!

I get so excited thinking about femmes. I call them girly girl lesbians, and i would consider myself a tomboy lesbian making myself the man in the relationship. :D I like a woman that loves being a girl and also proud to be a lesbian. A woman that has control of her life and open with herself and PDA. Whoooo. . . wait but i don't like long nails! I dated a barbie with freakin talons and when we had our first sexual experience I was like no no no and she told me yes yes yes it adds to the experience. . . -__- the experience of her cutting me. Not very fun, and they were real. At least have some clip on nails for the day that you can take off at night when we make love. But anyways nowadays I'm finding femmes that are into other femmes! Awww what in the world?! What will all of us tomboys do when our femmes are converting, and it seems all the femmes I meet are bisexual and cheat on me with guys. OH what to do?
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Dear Miss, I am MBA working in US ,Indian by birth,perfact looks,gentle,honest cool fun loving partially gay tendency,looking for a lesbian girl for MOC, i have seen your request .looking forward to hear from
saurabh11000 at mail dot com

You need to meet a real femme like me :)

i like your seems very funny.

Haha thanks I try to be funny guess it works :)

i am genetically male, but mentally femme. i like a tomboy who loves to be the man in the relationship. i like to be in the female role. i love to wear female clothes also.

aww you poor girl :( i love getting dolled up for my dates, but i can honestly say i don't like really long fingernails, but you have to admit it feels great when getting a back rub

Lol true she never gave me any back rubs, but I can imagine it would feel good. :) I go to school for massage therapy and I love when we have class exchanges and work on each other.

i hear you girl, when i graduate i'm going to open a salon that only caters to women. clothing optional of course LOL

Come hire me lol I need a job after i graduate. What are you going to school for?

same as you, massage therapy

Nice what state are you getting your license in?

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I can't tell if you're serious, but I love your stories.

lol thanks, ya i'm being serious I have been with some crazy girls.