Lesbian With Kid

I am a lesbian and looking for a special someone.I am attracted to femme lesbian with kids.I had a gf who left me because she is afraid to try a long distance relationship without trying a bit longer and giving me the chance to show how to resolve the issue.I feel in love with her on the first meeting and she can't believed that it could be possible thinking that I am only playing with her.She blocked me on FB and never answered all my calls.She took my heart when she left me.I am devastated.Is she really afraid or she don't really love me?I am willing to commit and build my life with her.I might be good to be true?
ladielu ladielu
36-40, F
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Dear Miss, I am MBA working in US ,Indian by birth,perfact looks,gentle,honest cool fun loving partially gay tendency,looking for a lesbian girl for MOC, i have seen your request .looking forward to hear from you.saurabh11000@mail.com
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Be strong, you will find your someone as you are v kind to accept her even she got a kids. You will be blessed. How i wish theres someone like you ...lets hope for the best^^

I am sorry to hear that. I wish i could be stronge to find that special someone who would take me way from my life now. I would love to find that beautiful women to be with for the rest of my life.

sad story..but why with kids? anyways..tc

Aw wow I understand your pain. I live in indiana and my gf right now lives in canada. She found me first and we instantly fell for eachother and then she told me she loved me and I was freaked out by how fast she was moving but I gave into my heart and gave her all of me. Just this last week she went to her friends and when she comes back she tells me that she cheated and she hates herself and I'm the only one for her. This is the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with and the girl I have fallen so deeply in love with. I was gonna break up with her at first then found out I couldn't do it. -this was yesterday- we gave eachother our fb information a while back and I never logged into hers unless she told me to go delete someones comment or whatever. So today while she's in the showerim bored so I. Log onto her account the msgs between her and the third wheel are deleted except a couple saying text me. While I'm on there she gets a msg from the third wheels bff I check that and I read back a couple of days and find out that even tho my gf told me she doesn't want that girl and that she wants to be with me forever she's telling this girl that she is basically reconsidering and that she tried breaking it off with me but then lost the heart to do so. now I guess after my gf gets out the shower I'm breaking up with her. I don't wanna tie her down. She's 24 and I'm 19 and she's always telling me I can find someone better well looks like she did. :(. Btw sorry for this long msg