Last time I wrote a story about my life being a lesbian was about two years ago. I had a complicated relationship with her. I'm actually still with her. Luckily :) . We've had our serious talks about how things would change if ever we decided to settle down. Then she told me, that the religion problem, she wouldn't let it come between us. Her religion have strict policies that once they found out you're a lesbian, they'd kick you out of the church. Her parents are strict too. her sister, will soon get married with a man that isn't in the same religion as she is. Her parents and her talked out the guy to change his religion in order for them to let the sister marry with him. I think that's selfish. but I cannot interfere on their decision. That leaves the guy with no other choice but to do it. Now, as for us, we have a bigger problem. But sincerely she told me if she had to not follow her parents will she'll do it . For us. that made me cry. I don't want to hurt other people. I want things to stay in peace. I don't want her parents to hate her or anything else just because of us. I cried, not only for that but because before I kept my worries all to myself because I was scared to talk to her about it because she was in doubt before if she should continue this with me. But now it all changed. She's stronger, She has will. & I'm proud of her. We've been together reaching 5 years now. I know it isn't enough. I want us to settle down once we graduate & have saved up for housing & car and getting married. However, our plans still have a blurry side with it. We still don't know how we'll build our family together. Adopting? or Getting it from the S.bank. Either way, we'd stay for one another. 
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well i guess its how it is sometimes life is unbearable but with people who love each other no matter what choices they make it will last and stick together for the better or bad time.

so brave.. I hope to meet someone like you ... i want to find femme lesbian that's brave enough to fight for us.. :( i just came from a very complicated relationship and we end up to nothing. it hurts.. i hope you'll be happy.

when you have true love to hold on to, fighting wouldn't be so difficult. as long as you both have the same want and need. and something you hope for. I know it hurts.. but only time can heal it. I also hope you'll soon meet someone and be happy. you know sometimes love is sweeter the second time around :)

I agree, I just dont think I could reak up her family if it came down to it. BUT!! her actualy willing to give up her family for you! WOW! Now that is Love! And while I know nothing about her, her family or you. But in my book, that is pretty selfish of her parents to make her or her sister to ever choose thier love or them.... Anyway, I know I was no help. But I wish yall the best of luck, A love that strong is well worth fighting for!!

wowh wish i gt a girl friend like uuu... :(

aww I find that sweet...

thank uu so much dearr............

are you a lesbian too irine?

yup dear..am nw transitioning to female!! after succeeding that i will find a lesbian partner for me.. :D

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