Expressing Who I Am, Really?

Sometimes I always thought of giving up who I am.. I dont want to hear any irrational and very nasty comments about what I am but it just naturally comes with it.. I felt like this personality within me is a curse.. I just want to be ordinary.. Why can`t i be.. Maybe if the people around me is accepting and can tolerate me for what I am, maybe I`ll be happier.. But even my own family is against this.. I`m a hardworking daughter who always obey my parents rules but this ain`t enough for them.. Even my aunt insisted I should marry and be happy.. If only things were that simple.. But I can`t marry a guy coz I know I`ll never be happy with a guy.. I know what I want but I don`t have the heart to tell everyone that I am a LESBIAN!!! Why is being who you are the hardest thing to do? Does being gay gives everyone the right to ridicule? I`m still in the closet from almost everyone I know and I don`t have any plans of telling them. And almost everyone were asking why I`m not married yet.. I just want to put a sign on my head that says "I`m GAY" to shut them all up but everything`s so complicated.. I can`t just do that.. But i know I have to in the near future if I want to be at peace with myself.. I need to make a choice asap coz i feel like im just existing not living..
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1 Response Sep 14, 2012

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