Disowned By Family

I came out over 2 years ago after being unhappily with men my entire life and having 2 beautiful children. My family completely disowned me because of this and cut off all ties with my children who are both under 10. They feel as if being gay is a mental illness and makes me a bad mother. I am happy with my wife but it is hard not to have a family, especially around the holidays. Coming out has set me free and it was the best thing to do for me, but still life can get lonely without a family. Coming out at my age was difficult, people question it and weather you are genuine . They ask the most ridiculous questions. It has been a frustrating process but a necessary one.
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The journey to the true self has its difficulties. To some, it has to be done. The beauty of self is revealed along the way and when one comes home.

Sounds to me like you are better off without them. If they cut ties with one of their own over your sexuality it makes me wonder if they really value their family at all. If your wife's family is supportive try to bond with them. If not then your friends' families make excellent extended families.

I have a best friend who's gay and going through the same type of thing and my family has become his extended family. My parents even hang a stocking for him :D

You Go GIRL!!!!! Good for you.