Not Feeling Okay

I am a lipstick lesbian. almost everyone knows. My school life was ruined. especially since I am only 17. I have had plenty of girlfriends and enough experience to know that every girl I have dated, was never "out" or was never a fully lesbian women and always "needed" a man to fulfill her. I am not one for toys, i am not one to act like we are **** stars. Girls I have been with don't know how it is. I try to explain but they only take it wrong. I need the passionate, the romantic, and the cute old fashion cheesy lines or dates. I feel sad and extremely alone at the fact that no girl with hold my hand in public, or in even in a almost vacant store. Not a kiss on the cheek, not a smile or an "I love you". Not even an arm around one in a movie theater. I have dated some my age, and some a little older. I always dated femmes, or girly girls, since i am one myself. My heart aches not having anyone, not being able to show my love. I would never cheat, and i would never hurt. I am the sweetest of hearts and kindest of souls. I know I am young, and I have life ahead, but I just need one girl. It makes me happy making others happy, or pleasing her and not receiving. I guess I am confessing my love for women, and my heart is confessing its true feelings for someone real.

Anastasia116 Anastasia116
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Dear Miss, I am MBA working in US ,Indian by birth,perfact looks,gentle,honest cool fun loving partially gay tendency,looking for a lesbian girl for MOC, i have seen your request .looking forward to hear from
saurabh11000 at mail dot com

You are adorable. You will find your soul mate soon. Don't be frustrated~~~

Aw :( I totally know how this is.