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I don't know if I am ugly, or what, but I sometimes feel like lesbians should be crawling all over me. I have been working out for about 5 months now. I am in shape, and stay clean. I don't think it is my looks exactly, but even people who say looks don't matter, know somehow they do. I feel like girls should be crawling all over me because of my personality, commitment, humor, and my crazy romantic ideas. (which I always keep secret). I am so spontaneous and always ready to try new things. I am so giving. I would give the one I love flowers. be there when she is sick. Buy her or take her out to lunch on her day off or her break hour of work. I would wake up in the middle of the night if she even just wanted me to come over and get her a glass of chocolate milk (random and pointless but its what I would do). I do make sure i make my point clear that I am not someone to be used because of the things I would do for them. I would tickle their back before they slept, massage their shoulders, or even just cuddle with them to be happy. I would leave notes for her to find later in the day, or even a few days later saying silly little things or little love nothings. I have talked to many lesbians, who are butch, or a stud, and they expect the same as their selves. I never was one for them either, If i want a girl, I want a full on mirror image of one. Long hair, clothes that arent mens, unless they are tshirts!, and perfume that isnt manly. I want a femme. They are so hard to find. I need someone. I know someone out there needs me.
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Dear Miss, I am MBA working in US ,Indian by birth,perfact looks,gentle,honest cool fun loving partially gay tendency,looking for a lesbian girl for MOC, i have seen your request .looking forward to hear from
saurabh11000 at mail dot com

Your totally adorable for one and you seem like so cutely romantic, if I ever get lucky enough to have a gf I hope it's with some one like u!!!

I think you are beautiful. Its great that you are working out. Im starting to work out, myself. I also love how you are romantic and kind. I would definately date you. Your really sweet