Could She Be A Femme Lesbian?

Im gonna tell the story about my secret crush of college, that I hope so much shes a lesbian, the femme kind.
Before that, just let me say: I am a lesbian, but not that femme.Well, I dont act like a man, i like wearing dresses and girl stuff, but i dont think of myself as too femme.
Back to my story.
In my first week in college i met this girl, blonde, beautiful, the kind of girl you look at and leaves you breathless. And it didnt take long for me to acknowledge to myself she was too much for me.
After that, i tried not to talk to her much, cuz i knew that if i did, i may fall in love with her, and that would be bad cuz no one in my college knows im lesbian, and cuz I didnt know if she was a lesbian as well.
She just didnt look like a lesbian to me, mostly because of her femme style and behaviour.
Bad thing was, she came to talk to me sometimes, to chat about tv programs and stuff, and she was in most of my classes, so it was pretty inevitable to not talk to her. And oh, I wanted to talk to her.
The moments she came to ask me stuff, or talk about something with me, all these moments made my heart beat faster, so I stopped denying i had a crush on her.
Time passed and we started to be kind of friends, not that close, but still friends.
Over a whole year, I accepted and denied i liked her. And in this process Ive been with some girls, kissed a lot, but never loved. She just wouldnt get out of my head, damn it!!
After all this, she still came to talk to me, making it so hard to forget her! I wanted to forget her cuz getting out of the closet in my college is something I didnt wanted to do.
Also, over this whole year, after all the conversations, i still have no clue if she is a lesbian or not. And that makes so hard for me to open myself to her!
i want to, i need to, she wont get out of my head! maybe I will, in this new semester. Or maybe I wont ever do it, just wish this could be easier...

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3 Responses Jan 15, 2013

ask her about her boyfriend or guys she might like. Or mention some LGBT event, tv program or musician and see how she reacts.

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It is kind of hard to tell if she s gau or not id she just talks to you. I guess after one.year of knowing each other,if she.was gay.she.probably would have asked you out to do something outside of school? I dont know. How did it go in the meantime since you posted thia story a while back? Good luck anyway!