Welcome to Final Fantasy Xi!

Final Fantasy XI - The greatest standing rival to WoW. I have played Final Fantasy XI for about 5 years now and I never stopped loving it. It's a gran world where everything's in the ******* but everyone loves it too much to stop. There's never any lack of adventure, but most of the stuff is centered around high level things.

I've been a 73 PLD before, but never reached 75. With my Taru BLM that I have now I hope to go beyond 75 and do everything that the game offers.

Looks like I founded this group lol. Well, Yay, I guess. =D I'm an uber nerd!

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omg ffxi consumes my soul! :D


Yay, Final Fantasy!<br />
I have a Playstation, and have played Final Fantasy X, and X-2.<br />
Me likey.<br />
<br />
I just got this pc, so I haven't tried anything online or on the pc platform yet...<br />