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     People I work with think it's funny as hell. I rant and rave about the resource / consumption ratio here in the good old USA.  How I'm forced to throw away at least $6 a day because of the time limitations and requirements of my job. I did grant research for a conveyor / sorting table, I was more than 1/2 way when I found out that the powers that be, are not willing to reroute the trash before it hits the land fill.  I went to the paper, and convinced them to write an article about the problem- they wrote 2 !! It seems that the majority of the students are not only opposed to recycling, but they are adamantly opposed. I put up signs and 4 extra bins in each building under my stewardship, and they went out of their way to fill them with biodegradable, and non-recyclable trash. Of course, they had to write smart *** remarks on the signs.  It makes me crazy mad. I'm not quite sure what the mind set is, that makes them behave this way, but I've noticed that it is the very wealthy kids that refuse to recycle. It's remarkable how obvious this pattern is.  I get frustrated, but I haven't given up yet.
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2 Responses Apr 27, 2007

It's amazing to me how we who are privileged (and hey, I may be barely making it but I have a place to live and a car to drive and a job and two amazing kids and.....) can be so thoughtless and wasteful. I'm impressed that you tried so hard. Much respect to you. Don't give up.

I think it's wonderful that you want to take care of the environment. It's sad, but it always seem to be the 'rich kid' mentality that everything is replaceable as long as you have money.....