I know in this world that you can't trust very many people with anything. That is why I am the way I am with my friendships; I lead by example, showing what I want in return. It doesn't usually happen in return, but that doesn't keep me from doing, because I know someday I will find others who feel the same way.

I will back any friend in any fight or argument, but I will also tell them if I think they are wrong (which still doesn't keep me from supporting them). I'll listen to any complaint, or talk about any problem to help find a solution. I will help in any way I can. If two friends are fighting, I try to stay out of it because of the conflict it would have with my loyalty to both friends. Yet again, I will tell them if I think they are wrong about something, but never get too involved with their argument.

I am a fiercely loyal friend... and that is all I ask in return and nothing less.
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