'i Can Go The Distance"

I am but a student. an ordinary citizen, i have nothing but my family. We live together , we care for each other, and most of all we love each and every one. When I was in elementary, I don't care what will I life will I face when i will graduate from being a student. When i formally entered high school I was dismayed, my parents did not even bother to enroll me in a secondary school.My uncle cared for my future, he enrolled mre in a publis school located at Lubas, the mane of the shool was benguet National High School. I have promised to my uncle that I will study hard and I have assured that, when the school year ends I will garner the awad "most intelligent in the class". Firt grading of the school year took place and i became the topnocher that time, i have told to my self that this was a good start. i have continued my studies at the same school, i meet a lot of friends, frankly speaking they are bad influence to my studies. they have teach me how to escape from class, how to disrespect teachers
jimmysantos jimmysantos
Nov 30, 2010