Mama Bear

Most people when they first meet me don't think I would be the fighting type. I've very soft spoken in general and tend to fade into the back ground. And it's always worked to my advantage when it comes to confronting someone. They don't expect me to have an explosive temper and to be very abrasive and mule headed when I feel like I need to protect someone.

I earned the nick name 'Lucifer' at a very young age from those who didn't know me well. My friends on the other hand called me 'Mama Bear'. I got both for the same reasons. I wasn't afraid to stand up or get into a fight with someone who was threatening my friends and I wasn't afraid to use my 'demon growl' or 'bear voice'. I picked up a trick where I could bellow from the depth of my lungs while dropping the tone of my voice numerous octaves hence my 'bear voice'. I also got pretty good at snarls and growls. Not something to really brag about, but it always helped me out when I had to take on a guy.

Whenever some of my friends go to a party or a club they always bring me along. They know when someone starts bugging them I'll get in the face of who ever I need to to make them stop.

My protective instincts where kind of enhanced when I was a child. Then I was trying to make sure my little brother and sister didn't get hit too. Making sure that they could get enough to eat. Later trying to help my mom while she battled cancer and helping my new youngest siblings to make sure they were ok too. Protecting my friends when the kids at school were being mean. Ignoring the staff at the psychiatric ward to help the others in there. (One lady is probably still pissed that I slipped out of my room to get Jason's pillow from the therapy room. Stupid wench tried to lock me in my room for listening while Jason vented about his lack of a home.) Guarding my friends at parties and clubs and chewing out the guys who got way closer then they needed to or started pressuring one of my friends to drink more.

I've fought through my life, and I'll fight to keep others from going through what I had to.
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Protectiveness is a great instinct to have! Good for you :) And it's always great to surprise people - haha!