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I started training about 16 years old and still doin it. Started training in boxing and went in into mma. I love the fighting lifestyle. The discipline, the training! I love the confidence it gives me. It gave me such a positive outlook and I feel like i can do anything. You find out so much things about yourself, its awesome. My goal is to be world heavyweight champion.
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4 Responses Mar 13, 2012

WOW... i finally find someone who has high dreams like me.. i wish to be a champ too.. i guess we can be tag partners one day.. haha

lol im down

I'm up... lol.. j/k

my granddaughter is also into hit very much and loves it i encuraged it for her to build self esstem and i never dreamed it would get to this point <br />
<br />
she as been excepted into a summer camp this year for 3 weeks to work on skills

yes i will, thank you

All the best, go for it.