I have been trying to work on myself, having to fight for the guy I have loved for years. I also had to fight with someone who was close to me because of this, everyone in my family and friends were hurt by this not just us.
Also there has been other stressors like work and school, freakin nuts I tell you what.
Then theres the child who decided now is the perfect time to be inside of me, even though it was partually my descision to risk that.
I have been feeling on the edge, having to fight depression that is caused by all of this, I would try suicide, but I have too much too loose and why take the little ones life before they have a chance to have their own life?
Also I know not 20 people would be affected, just about everyone in this state would be and their freinds would be, thus a massive wave of sadness across America, like no joke.
I am sorry for the way I expressed things, I was hurt.
I usually am the nicest person you will meet, I just felt a threat to my life and happiness.
IvannaQuinn IvannaQuinn
Apr 23, 2012