Tales Of A Disfunctional Little Girl

Well over the 15 years (almost 16) I've watched my life change in many ways, good and bad. I've desided that Im ready to share who I am with you guys. So here we go...

When I was born my mom already had 3 kids, 2 boys and one girl. My big sister Crystalynn was 11, Dan was 13 and Mark was 2. Me and Mark have the same dad, Crystalynn and Dan have the same dad. My dad, Mark Ray Harper wasnt a good influence, alcoholic, abusive just not a good guy. He left when he found out my mom was pregnant with my baby brother Cody. He threatend to take me and my mom said 'If you ever come back ill shoot you!' Well he never came back. Cody was born with brain damage after my mom had a heart attack 3 weeks before he was born. While I was growing up my grandma tok care of me, we lived with her cause she was handicap. I grew up being her little nurse, her favorite. I got anything i ever wanted but my brothers hated me. I never learned how to play with other kids...well this ruined me for the rest of my life. 

I'll write more tomorrow if you guys like it :)
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Pangirl, You have had a rough life so far. But don't dwell on what should have been while growing up.<br />
<br />
You have made here so far and soon you will be calling the shots for your own destiny.<br />
<br />
Again don't be a victim. Its tough but I think your tougher that you will admit. <br />
<br />
Set yourself some short little goals and not complcate your future with an unwanted pregnacy and not repeat your mother mistakes. <br />
<br />
Life is tough. But its very rewarding when we prevail through hardships.<br />
<br />
Feel free to vent anytime. Sometimes we just need someone to shut up and listen without judgement.<br />
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This looks very interesting, i`ll be looking out for more :D