Tales Of A Dysfunctional Little Girl: Part 2

Well, my big brother mark has always upstaged me or made people pity him. I have always been independent ever since i was a little girl. I remember never playing with my family or going out with friends.My best friend was my grandma. She helped me with everything, protected me and cared about me. I loved her so so much but then in 2009 she passed away. My world crashed down around me, we had lived with her since i was 2. I slept for 3 days straight. My mom never asked how i felt. I delt with it the way i delt with everything, silently and with a knife to my skin. I began smoking and drinking here and there. I tried to move on but even today this very moment my heart has not heald. The summer after my grandmothers death I began dating a 26 year old british man named rob. He showed me how to fully be sexual with a man. I now realize that it was nothing to what i've had more recenly, over the last year. Alright well thats it for now
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1 Response May 14, 2012

good for you.......keep the good memories and enjoy the sex