Today I had a brawl on the bus, not proud of it, but I'm glad it happened. It was me against six, and I managed to hold them off. I took a lot of punches, but I only came out with a black eye, which is pretty good in my opinion. It was over a bus seat, which sounds sooo stupid and immature, but it was understandable at the time. I managed to get full contact punches, and I seemed to have tooth marks on my knuckle, for 6 v 1 I feel as if I gained victory, and to make matters worse, as I was getting off the bus I spat on one of there faces... I hate to say it, but if felt good taking away his respect and dignity. But I take my experiences as lesson. I'm pretty aggressive, but I questioned it, and I've realised it's not worth it, I'm always looking for a fight, but I've realised it's not worth it. All could of been avoided, but I'm too much of a hard head. But as times go by so do the way we see things.
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That's so metal!