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ManilaFlorist.com has been committed to providing its customers with an exceptional online shopping experience. their goal is to go beyond the expectations of a typical online business by adding a personal touch. As they have grown this past year, they have continued to focus their efforts on improving their services, increasing product choices and creating a reliable, convenient way to connect with loved ones back home in the Philippines.

So you can keep intimate connection to your loved ones by using www.manilaflorist.com service. I guaranteed that they will give a good service as I experienced when I ordered to them for so many times. I know that your loved ones will also appreciate it very much because manilaflorist have a unique way on how to deal with their customers and even with your recipient. They have private airconditon van so that the flowers is still fresh so that the arrangement and the flowers are very much appreciated of your recipient. More of that manilaflorist.com is taking a picture of your recipient for free as in no charge. I assure you that you will love their service and you will also satisfied on it.
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5 Responses Aug 31, 2010

Last Valentine's day I was embarrassed by sending my girlfriend some roses at work. We work together so I saw what I send her and what the girls in the office got. The roses are too little and the presentation is not what I paid for. I saw the other girls flowers and it was so nice. Big buds, fresh and long stem. I look at the card and it say www.Manilaflorist.com I should have ordered from this site.

I am facinated with their floral design, so I ordered flowers eventhough their price is a little bit pricy in comparison to the other Filipino flower shop. Now, I understand why their flowers are a little bit pricy. They totally have an excellent quality of Flowers. There is a big difference in quality from the original site that I used. From now on, I will pay a couple bucks more for better quality. Manilaflorist by far is the most wonderful site in the Philippines

I am so not comfortable giving out my credit card information, especially for international transaction. My girl friend lives in Manila and I want to send her some flowers for her birthday. I contacted this site www.manilaflorist.com and they made my shopping online so easy and stress free. They deliverd the flowers on time. After seeing the photos of my girlfriend, I know that I found a company that I can trust. I got what I paid for.

I don't know what to do after I had a major fight with my Fiance'. It's so hard to be far away from her. I can't even hold her and show her how sorry I am. Good thing I found this site www.manilaflorist.com they helped me find a great surprise for my Fiance'.

I agree with you guys. Manilaflorist so far is the best site. They are so reliable and always deliver my gift on time. Try their services, its really great. www.manilaflorist.com