I am, but not professionally.... yet! I have written two so far, working on a sequel to one. And I have so many ideas!! I'm currently making a documentary on life. And I did one other one. I love what I do... and plan to do more!! =]
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As many years as I've been doing this, trust me, I know that. lol But I can't stop it. I'm like a vessel. It just all of a sudden starts pouring out. And I pick it up later and use it if I don't already use it right away.

well, remember, writing is REWRITING. So beware of writing "countless" things. They mostly end up staying where they are :)

I feel the same way. I love to write. And I have a gift for it. I am also writing a book about my life. I'm also writing countless other things. I just get ideas from no where!!

I love writing, I believe its a gift I received from God. I'm writing a book on my life.