The Fear Of A Firefighters' Girlfriend..

I have been dating a Firefighter for almost four months all together and theres not a day that I dont worry about him. When i dont get a text or a call back from him I tend to worry about him. He has been called out only a few times since we have been together, but everytime he has been called, you best believe i was sick to my stomach until he texted me. I will always worry about this boy everytime that radio goes off. After the stories that him and his friends have told me, i will always have respect for every firefighter. Girls you cannot say that you understand when one of our guys is on a call and you dont know whats going on. Until you are in our shoes, you will never understand the pain and the sick feeling in your stomach that you get when you know that he is on a fire call.
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Im a girlfire of a firefighter in training and my mother has been a wife to a firefighter for 20 years now. its hard but the stress will surley make it worse. know that he is being looked after. he knows what hes doing, he was trained to do it. my dad has been a fireman for over 20 years and has never lost a man or himself. they are some of the best men and he will be ok and if hes not stressing wont stop anything from happening. always tell him you love him and make sure every good by is good enough to be the last and never leave mad or go to bed upset.

I know. The guys he with watch over him, but I always worry about him.

im the same way when my boyfriend gets a call i worry like hell and i blow up his phone til he answers me it scares me and always will

It already does. I worry about his best friends too. My boy and one of his are on the same dept. and the other one is on my towns dept and i always worry when either one of them gets called out.

Hey darlin,
It's okay to be afraid and stress. We wouldn't be sane women if we didn't fear and stress about the welfare of our firemen.

the stress will kill u. it can turn into fire