I Love My Firefighter....

Hey girls, my name is Amanda. I am a firefighters girlfriend. He and I have only been dating for 3 months now. He is a volunteer firefighter, and I am a volunteer EMT. We met on an emergency call and it was love at first sight. Its all great and all but our relationship now feels like we don't even know each other. And its not because of him going on fire calls, we just can't communicate with each other. It tears my heart and it seems like he doesn't care too much. He says he does but you can tell when someone cares about you or not. Is it just a natural man thing? I just dont understand it. I love him so much, and I want to marry him. I am  only a girlfriend so there is that scare of breaking up. It just feels like I am the one holding on to us. Any advice?



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amanda, <br />
I am a firefighters girlfriend and it's not that he doesn't care but after they have to stay heat they make not have the best attitude which is understandable because we do not have to go through what they go through, but if he loves you and you really love him everything will be fine, i'm sure he will show you he cares, mine always does<3

Amanda I am dating a firefighter fighter too and have been for about a year and three months yes its tough and sometimes my Boyfriend gets like that too maybe he has alot one his mind. It happens to me and my Baby too

amanda, <br />
dont worry. he probably just has a lot of things on his minds and it has nothing to with you. ive been with my firefighter boyfriend for 15 months and it still happens. it has nothing to do with you i assure you. try to spend some more time with him. that might help :)

Hi Amanda, I'm not an expert but trying to communicate is really important, and good communication really helps you both to understand each other. I also think that patience is good and it's good that you are also in the healthcare field...you can empathize with each other. Perhaps though, if he is just starting out as a firefighter then maybe that's another source of stress? <br />
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Too...you just started dating really, so i'd suggest giving it some time and maybe not talk to him about getting married yet. ;) I know, I'm guilty of feeling like that too. LOL. But that sometimes can scare a guy. I've had guys tell me that.