Winter Firewalk - Tale Two

WINTER FIREWALK....tale two...the breaking of the arrow.
My friends,what is it about you that lets me tell you things that
people who have known me for 30 years do not know?

My path of
the"WARRIOR WOMAN "has remained unknown to almost all my

Firewalking and breaking arrows with the power of my mind is
not somthing I need to talk about with anyone,not trying to hide
it,but it doesn't come up in everyday conversation.

Acts of "selfless service" are not effective,if not done quietly and without the desire for recognition.

This said.

After exploring the pools and the waterfalls,I found a seat up towards the front of the lodge,near the huge stone fireplace and where I might be able to see and hear Peggy Dylan with my dim beady squirrel eyes.

She begins to speak of the mind-body connection ,citing the
newest research and laying the ground work for her belief that we are only limited in the physical world by the things we cling to in our minds.

I cling to every word of my mentor,she is seldom here ,always
with the shamans of Peru,always across the sea,helping people to learn the things she has learned.

After an hour she asks someone to go put more wood on the fire..."so there will be plenty of RED HOTCOALS".....

this causes some people to squirm in their seats and start
to sweat.Then she holds up a fistfull of arrows with metal tips and
says"this is how we will manifest our INTENT !"

She asks for a helper to assist her ,to hold the board where the feathered end of the arrow is placed,the sharp metal tip she places in the hollow of her throat {where a tracheotomy would be done}..


Take three deep breaths,hold the last one...


 and SNAP!!!!!!!!

Arrow breaks in two pieces.This is where the stunned silence erupts into wild cheering with goosebumps.I sit quietly when she asks if anyone wants to try it,out of respect to the many people who traveled from great distances for this instruction.

The woman next to me got out of her seat and walked slowly to Peggy....she listened to the way to place her arrow and FOCUS and when she came forward,as she struggled and pushed with the arrow at her throat..

the arrow started to bend..more pressure,arrow is now bending to a "U" shape,finally snaps into 2 pieces.Woman,tearful,thanking Peggy for this powerful gift of knowledge.Several more people are willing to risk death on their quest for SPIRIT POWER,and they too go forward,with varying degrees of success.

Finally at the end,there were only a couple of arrows left,and
I found myself standing before my mentor.She had trained me to do the arrow breaking several years ago,and I wanted another broken arrow to remind me that I had not forgotten this magic.

sooo...placed arrow in soft,vulnerable part of throat,....FOCUS..LUNGE....and snap-crack!

Pieces of my  arrow flew high in the air and rained down upon the other participants.

Was momentarily dismayed ,but when my mentor looked upon me with eyes shining,I started crawling on the floor,looking for every piece to take home and hold close to my heart.

When I returned to my seat,the woman who had gone first said "YOUR arrow EXPLODED,and look,there,there's more pieces by the fireplace ,they went pinwheeling thru the air".......more crawling and retrieveing.

  As I sat in my seat,beholding the many pieces in my hands,I noticed that this arrows pieces were red,the first one that was hanging now near my bed was brown,and brown one said"Bow WT.25
lbs" ......this red arrow said"bow wt.35 lbs"....this meant that the pressure needed must exceed the pressure written on the sides....

and when you consider that instead of this pressure being distributed all along the arrow by a bow,all this pressure is instead focused on the sharp metal tip at your throat......

Well,I am still in humble amazement when looking at :


 Have not seen this happen ever before........ 

PeaceOnEarth PeaceOnEarth
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